TAKE ME HOME!!! (Eddie)

TAKE ME HOME!!! (Daisy)
March 14, 2018
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March 14, 2018

Sweet Eddie is a gentle and calm 3 year old boy but may take some time to connect with people. He is very playful and loves to chew, not only bones and toys but insoles too, so watch your shoes! He sleeps overnight in his crate, but would be happy to snuggle up with you in your bed. He loves the dog park where he loves to run, he does seem wary of big dogs but likes to hang with little ones just like him.

Eddie does show signs of food aggression but ONLY with other animals. His foster mom is able to pet him while he eats and also has no problem taking his food away from him. He will do his business outside, but is just as content to do it inside on training pad or newspaper if he finds it.

He is a bit of a barker but only at new things and people, he is much better at his foster home now that he knows the routines of people using a nearby trail so the barking has diminished greatly.

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