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March 14, 2018
March 14, 2018

We, at All Paws Matter Rescue, believe that love has no borders and that if we are able to help a dog from another country, its our duty to do so.

After many successful flights,which equals many lives saved, we continue to need flight escorts to save even more.

I know people have many questions when considering being a flight escort for one ( or 2) of our dogs and so I have compiled the most frequently asked ones and will answer them here.

Q)Is there any cost to me?

A) None whatsoever. We pay for the dogs’s flight of course and even book their tickets ourselves so you don’t need to spend time doing that.

Q) How long will it take me to get through customs with the dog?

A) It generally takes an extra 15 minutes. However, we cannot guarantee any times, of course, as it all depends on different factors that day and flight ( Has there been any issues with any other passengers, etc etc.)

Q) Do I have to answer any questions about where I got the dog?

A) Our dogs come into the country under our commercial import number and all paperwork is done by our customs broker, Strader-Ferris( who are very well respected in the industry and very experienced.) The dog (s) will be listed as property of All Paws Matter with you being listed as our volunteer. All dogs will have all needed medical paperwork of course, and are seen by a vet within 5 days of their flight in order to be issued a travel certificate ( which confirms they are in good health and can fly).

Q) How do I pick up and drop off the dog?

A) You will be met at both airports by rescue volunteers so you don’t need to worry about that at all. At your Canadian destination, APM volunteers will have a sign held up saying “Welcome Home ( dogs name)” so that its easy for you to find each other. You will also have their cell number just in case you don’t see them as well as an emergency APM phone number. In the originating country, you will meet rescue volunteers at the airport 2 hours before take off and they will guide you as to how to check in the dog with your airline. To recognize them, just look for the people with the dog 🙂 Dogs are not very common at the airport in Mexico and Korea.

If you have any other questions, please use the Contact us form on this website and we would be happy to answer.

For a testimonial from a woman who escorted 2 dogs from Mexico back to Canada for us, go to the “Comments” page and scroll down to the 2nd paragraph.

​Thank you for considering being a flight escort. We can only save their lives when people like you help us do so.

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