Comments from those who have had experiences with APM

Feedback from one of our flight escort volunteers, Debbie M.

March 12 at 8:47am

I wanted to take an opportunity to thank you for involving me with the rescue of Cucho & Rocco. This was a first time experience for me and I have to say, I’ve shed a tear or two (more believe me). You don’t have to be a dog lover to realize there is a need, but if you are, then the passion for the well being of every dog drives the cause. While in Mexico on a recent trip with 18 friends and family we saw so many feral dogs, emaciated, missing limbs and starving for attention. It was heart breaking at best. I reached out to “All Paws Matter Rescue” after seeing a Facebook add asking for help at no cost to myself to bring a rescue dog from Mexico to Toronto, Canada. After speaking with organization I wanted to help even more. Not going to lie, I had concerns so I reached out to my travel agent whom had never heard of rescuing dogs from Mexico and bringing them back to Canada. At first they thought it wasn’t a good idea, but only because they had not heard of it. That being said, I then reached out to Air Transat. Good news was they were aware of “All Paws Matter Rescue”. My primary concern was,“ could someone take my ticket” and leave me stranded in another country? Air Transat quickly removed this fear. AlI had to provide was my name, flight number, supplier (Air Transat) and flight time. There was no risk to myself. This is only so the dog can be attached to my ticket and a “FREE” pet travel voucher could be provided so there was no cost for the dog to travel with me. The team in Mexico was great! Once at the airport we met. Wonderful lady, so grateful for the help. I always felt good about my decision to help rescue the dogs, but at one point I looked at my family and friends I traveled with that were waiting for me and found several of them shedding a tear not only in sadness for the dogs, but also in happiness that they knew the dogs were headed for a better place. My heart was filled with joy and at that moment I knew I made the right decision. Once dogs were checked in, the team stayed with the dogs in Mexico giving them a final opportunity to go to the bathroom until they were stowed on plane just before take off. Once in Toronto, I waited for the dogs to be removed from the plane (large parcel pick up area) by luggage area. They had a great flight and were in good spirits. Canada Customs required a health check to be admitted in Canada, and so this was done at Toronto Airport. Took about 20 min and cost about $40, which was paid by “ All Paws Matter Rescue”. I was not out of pocket for any expense at any time. They paid this fee in advance before leaving for Mexico. Once the health check was complete I left for the arrivals department where a team of volunteers met me. Holding a sign welcoming Cucho home and myself! Was very nice to see. I feel blessed to be part of this life saving event for Cucho & Rocco. Would I do it again? In a heartbeat!

A review from a family who surrendered their dog to All Paws Matter

"Miss Olive, was a friends oops litter pup that I gladly brought into my life. She was only 7 weeks old and so very snuggly. She had my four kids, my two dogs and a home. Thought everything was going to be perfect with my little cuddle bug. However as the weeks went on and I continued to socialize and try new things. Incorporate her into our world, Olive became more and more anxious. Our oldest dog is a Chihuahua and anyone whos owned one knows how protective and "bark at everything" they can be, it started with that. Olive took a cue from Hutch that when he barked she needed to run and hide, whine and quiver cause something new was about to happen. As time went on "normal" things for our family were throwing her into an anxiety fit. Kids coming home from school, hubby getting home, car rides, walks, the list was never ending. I had took her to the vet for her last set of shots and he suggested to put her on medication to help slowly get her over her anxiety. We had a very busy weekend following that day and tried her pills. It was to no avail. Olive was drowsy at first, but still whined and shook. I had the idea that shelters who have outside fosters must deal with this often and decided to search for help. I did contact a few shelters that were in my general area, however the only one who seemed to care was All Paws Matter. Michelle contacted me immediately letting me know that not only do they have experience with this that there was a foster willing to take her and help me out. I was hoping that Kyla, my new foster mom for Olive would be able to walk me through what I could do to make life better for her. However, Miss Olive wasn't showing the signs of anxiety when at her new foster home like she was here. Michelle and Kyla both explained to me that sometimes it's the dog and family that are simply not a match. Olive seems to be much more at ease with her calm adopted doggie family at Kyla's then she was ever in my busy loud always moving household. It really did take me a little while to understand Olive was better going to a family that was better suited for her, but I had the support of Michelle and Kyla, both willing to do whatever they could for me to ease my pain. My decision in the end was to do what was best for Olive and let her go, thrive and be happy. I wouldn't change anything about my All Paws Matter experience, these woman are compassionate, loving and very knowledgeable! I Thank both Michelle and Kyla for all this help and look forward to Olives new adoption."